October 2015


This month, we feature two extremely useful servers that run very well on the ODROID platform: Apache Tomcat and Plex Media Server. Apache Tomcat is an open-source web server and servlet container that provides a “pure Java” HTTP web server environment for Java code to run in. It allows you to write complex web applications in Java without needing to learn a specific server language such as .NET or PHP. Plex Media Server organizes your video, music, and photo collections and streams them to all of your screens. Our tutorials take you through these server installations step-by-step so that you can enjoy a low-cost, power-efficient way to run an advanced server at home.

The recent release of Lakka for the ODROID, an OpenElec-based distribution, makes it easier to play your favorite games. Tobias reviews the Dreamcast emulator, which is one of the most advanced console emulators available for the ODROID, Nanik continues to show us how to build Android for the ODROID-C1, Bruno details data migration using LVM, and we learn how to control the ODROID-SHOW using Python. As usual, we also present many beloved Linux game ports that will provide hours of fun!

Table of Contents

6 OS Spotlight: Lakka on the ODROID-C1 – DIY Retro Emulation Console

8 Logical Volume Management: Make Your Data Migration Easier with LVM

9 ODROID-XU4 Fan Control:  The Cool Way to Manage Your XU4 Temperature and Power Usage

10 Apache Tomcat:  A Powerful Java-Based Web Page and Applet Server

17 Community Wiki:  Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base

17 Adrenaline-Charged Fun:  Speed Ninja, the New Endless Runner You Were Looking For

18 Plex Media Server:  Your Media on All Your Devices

26 Using the USB-UART with Mac OSX:  Helping Our Mac Users Get Console Access to Their ODROIDs

28 Android Development:  Building Android for the ODROID-C1 – Part 2

30 FreeOrion:  Conquer the Galaxy

31 Haxima Nazghul:  A New Adventure for Ultima V Fans

32 Using Python with the ODROID-SHOW:  SHOWTime Makes Everything Easier

33 Prince of Persia:  Rescue the Princess in This Classic DOS Side-Scroller

34 Linux Gaming: DreamCast – Sega’s Last Big Console Comes to the ODROID Platform

41 Meet an ODROIDian:  WIlliam Henning (@Mikronauts), Robotics Authority and Prolific Tech Blogger